Monthly Archives: March 2015

Important Bulletin from BOD

RVRC Membership,

The BOD would like to take a moment to issue an important reminder to help ensure the safety of our club, Summit’s property, and ensure that we can continue to enjoy our field.

In recent communication with Summit, they informed us that they have had reports of planes flying in close proximity to, and over the hangers.

As you already know, this is not acceptable practice and our flight operations must remain confined to the field and on our side of the “tree line”. We did inform them that the only time it is considered acceptable is for larger scale aircraft on final approach from the east end where the aircraft is physically too large to make the final turn inside the confines of the field, but those instances are limited.

We are currently maintaining a very good relationship with Summit, and in their own words, we want to work together to continue our relationship long into the future. That said, we must do our part, and show proper respect to the land owners by not putting their property at risk.

Our call to action, as mentioned during many membership meetings, is to keep the airspace near / above the buildings free of aircraft. It is each of our responsibility to monitor the airspace, and to step up and speak to any members who may (even unintentionally) fly in this space.

As one final reminder, if for any reason, an aircraft lands on, the building, it must remain there until Summit is contacted. In the event of a mechanical failure, we should be making every attempt to put it in the dirt, no different than if an aircraft were headed towards the pit area. Additionally, if an aircraft contacts a building in any way (even without visible damage), the board must be notified as quickly as possible.

As always, the BOD can be reached at any time by emailing Most of the BOD have club email on their phones and we monitor it regularly.

Thank you,


Lipo Battery / Charging Clinic – 4/6/2015

Given the success and great feedback we received on the first clinic we held in January, we have officially scheduled our next one to occur immediately following our April general membership meeting on Monday 4/6/2015.

Based on virtually unanimous feedback during this month’s meeting, our topic will be LiPo batteries, and charging.

Our focus will be centered on the following:

  • Understanding Capacities, Cell Counts, & C Ratings (charge and discharge)
  • Flight times / resting voltage
  • Internal Resistance
  • Storage charging
  • Safe disposal
  • Basic and Parallel charging
  • Charger and Power Supply fundamentals

We will not get into details / features of specific chargers in this session, but can make that a topic in itself for a future clinic if there is interest.