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Some have asked who can fly and who can not … below is our active Membership by name only see the web link below.   Remember you must be singed in to view.

Remember any “in good standing” member my have a guest fly with them at the field but must accompany them at all times.   However, the guest must have their valid AMA card with them at all times while at our airfield.  Also as a reminder … You must be a Member in good standing, aircraft labeled with FAA & AMA#’s, along with dues current with the AMA and RVRC to fly at RVRC’s Airfield !!!    REMEMBER THAT YOUR AMA Membership expired at the end of December, however this year the AMA has some members that their expiration terminates on the 31st of March.  In 2016 the AMA has gone to expiration of new members by end of their calendar date.  Meaning if you joined sometime in March of the prior year that you are valid unit the end of the month of March the next year.  If you were a member prior to 2016 your expiration remains 12/31.   Also, if you haven’t renewed by the end of your expiration date with the AMA you will be: ISSUED A NO FLY until you present the BOD’s a valid AMA card, which means you are GROUNDED at our airfield.