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    I would like some input from the club about moving the date of WOS 2016. I have fielded requests from several members about this.
    I was thinking late September this year, possibly the weekend of
    9-16 or 9-24. I would like to make a decision on this by the FEB meeting. Please pass on any input either here or email



    September not good month for us. Va Tech football season
    is then. Probably would not be able to come to the fly in.
    Fathers day is great. Good excuse to be with kids.
    Kids are out of school.


    I assume you mean 9/17 as the 16th is a Friday?

    Personally, I agree with keeping Father’s day weekend. We have historically had strong attendance that weekend and many of us preserve that weekend each year specifically for the event.

    I would also highly recommend working with Summit on any proposed dates as we did last year before gathering too much feedback or putting any potential changes to vote.



    Father’s Day is not a good day for me. I have two boys in Richmond and they travel to Roanoke to celebrate with their brother and me. I have not been able to make it to the last two. September could be problematic because of football … Tech, UVA and perhaps others. I would prefer September over Father’s day. Any chance for earlier? Perhaps May? Before it gets too hot.


    I would like some input from the club about moving the date of WOS 2016. I have fielded requests from several members about this. I was thinking late September this year, possibly the weekend of 9-16 or 9-24. I would like to make a decision on this by the FEB meeting. Please pass on any input either here or email

    I too would like to see the event moved from June to the Fall period—-Doesn’t necessarily have to be Sept, Oct would work too. The weather is more comfortable, and as far as the June event, Fathers day weekend is a family event for me too, and it’s impossible to walk away to a field event when plans have been made for Father’s Day.




    Here are my thoughts & concerns …

    Others that I have heard from at the field regarding that it is a holiday, which we have typically had on Father’s Day!   Yes most of us here at RVRC are father’s but some of us are not and some of our father’s don’t share the hobby even though they may share the same enthusiasm for our sport.

    Then there are travel issues such as Vern has brought up.

    Regarding Summit we need to give them a date and that is what this forum is for … before the BOD Executive Staff meeting with them in February to be presented before the March General Membership on Monday the 7th.

    As a Board Member of the Executive Staff let me share with you some facts about past WOS events :

    1~Food Vendors availability scheduling is scarce.  Last year we were only able to get the Hot Dog Cart and the Wrap Guy.  The year before just Baum’s BBQ.

    2~ Consistently a low member turn out when we look at the records from year to year on pilot sign in at the events.

    The BOD feels that this is mostly due to the holiday and the tight constraint time line that is allowed for the BOD to set up the event.  It’s not just a simple thing like pick a date and go with it.  All “fly-ins” at our field, where we make it public and invite other clubs, HAVE TO BE SANCTIONED AMA EVENTS.  That is different than if Gary wants to have pylon races with Mike and Jayson at the field one Saturday.  Mike , Jason, & Gary are all RVRC club members and they’re getting together to fly at “their” field.   Setting up a sanctioned event takes time dealing with the AMA.

    3~Little time for advertising and sponsorship – especially with a change of BOD Officers.   By moving the date to late September it will allow us to plan and get the word out for more advertising,  sponsorship and we can plan with the Jr. Air Corps to help with our event.

    4~Each year we have been close to not getting a large three bench golf cart because of the availability of the weekend.  Bruce had to search a couple of different places because our regular sources weren’t available.

    5~Little General Membership Help – now I’m going to express my extreme dissapointment  … I’ve been on the BOD as a Member At Large for the past three years and there has been only a very few general members that have helped year to year (I earnestly thank those for doing so !!)  Most of the time it has been the BOD [5-7 people] working the event all day long!  I have been Flight Air Marshall for stretches of 2-3 hours at a time because no one else would.   As did the same loyal few who helped with the operations of golf cart for transportation to & from the gate parking lot for spectators to the viewing area.   As well as the Gate Check-in Personnel, which prevented un-authorized access of pedestrian’s crossing the flight line path.  As was the same for the person collecting monies for raffles and T-shirt sales.  It is unfair for one person to be the MC all day long and host all the raffles, when they’ve invited family members to spend time with them at the event.  I realize everyone wants to fly but when an event is held everyone in the club that is present needs to pitch in and help so that those that are working can fly also.

    6~Safety … this must be everyone’s responsibility and must be supported by every member at the field as well.  People make mistakes so just because you’ve been doing it for years doesn’t mean that you won’t get hurt or make an incorrect decision !  Therefore …


    Also under Salem’s Municipal Code Sec. 14-88 there is a dog leash law and we must comply as it is Summit’s land and we are their steward’s.  We are not putting Summit at risk of a lawsuit !!  Also if you bring your dog to the field, at anytime, please pick up after them and dispose of properly!  As no one wants to step in it or have their aircraft run through it.  Here is the code:
    >Sec. 14-88. – Running at large.<
    (a) “It shall be unlawful for the owner or custodian of any dog to permit such dog to run at large, remain unconfined, unrestricted or not penned up, whether licensed or unlicensed, within the corporate limits of the city at any time.”

    (b) “A violation of this section shall subject the owner or custodian of such dog so found running at large at any time contrary to the provisions of this section to punishment as provided in section 14-103. Every time such dog is permitted to run at large contrary to the provisions of this section shall constitute a separate offense.”
    (c) “Every police officer or animal control officer shall impound any such dog so found running at large contrary to the provisions of this section, and if such dog is found to have done any damage to property, real or personal, such dog may be killed in accordance with the provisions and requirements of § 3.2-6546 of the 1950 Code of Virginia, as amended.”
    (Code 1969, § 4-12; Ord. of 10-26-92, § 4-12; Ord. of 2-8-2010(1)) reference— Authority of city to prohibit dogs from running at large, Code of Virginia, § 3.2-6538.

    Therefore I respectfully request the date of September 24-25th
    Sincerely, David Vietmeier RVRC Secretary

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    Watch the Hawks … & they'll find the thermals



    Jeff Stubbs brought up the idea of moving tne WOS to early June.


    Marshall McClung

    Federal, state, and local authorities are currently consumed by “drone phobia”. This craziness has all authorities primed to show their “muscle” by catching and processing offenders in an attempt to make an example to others. No doubt, this will be “supercharged” by uninformed private citizens or by citizens who “have a bone to pick” with RC activity. Both types live in close proximity to RVRC.

    Considering this wildfire environment, is it in RVRC’s best interest to sponsor and promote any event in 2016? This  invites authorities and the general public to come and scrutinize our operations. Especially this year, the smallest safety “issue” would be greatly blown out of portion and more than likely result in a stiffer penalty.

    Until other RC events have experienced the newness of this “yet tested” phobia, perhaps it would be in the best interest of RVRC to not hold and promote a 2016 event  After 12 months of other RC event history,  then RVRC would be in a better position to determine if a major event would help or hurt the well-being of RVRC.

    Marshall McClung







    I agree with Marshall in the fact the longer we wait the better it is to see the waters tested by other clubs — maybe even up to mid-October.


    Not sure about postponing it all together though.  That I think will need to be decided by a Quorum at a General Membership Meeting …


    Again by moving it back in the calendar year most of the other clubs across the nation will have had their events so we will be able to see how the whole FAA/UAS situation will evolve .  We do have a couple of members that work in law enforcement … maybe they could shed some light on the subject along with their thoughts??

    Watch the Hawks … & they'll find the thermals



    I would suggest this discussion be taken to a thread in the clubhouse.  I also agree with Marshall, and can easily forsee a number of scenarios the membership should be aware of.

    I would also suggest this thread be dedicated to any public informational post related to the WOS event as they progress.



    There will never be a way to make everyone happy with the dates for our wings over salem…….. however, the idea to wait for later because of the FAA shouldnt be what stops us from performing the show earlier.  I believe pushing the date back is great to help us have more time to prep and get ready. So we should pick one of the September dates or keep the fathers day weekend as before.  Remember to be at the Feb meeting to vote your opinion! Keep in mind that we are using the next few weeks/months to get the Aircraft ALERT system in place for Summit as well as deal with the new  FAA rules as the AMA is working things out…  It is also time for our audit, plus we will have some maintance and clean up weekends coming up. This will be taking vital time of the MOB which could have been used to help with the wings over salem event… Thus I suggest we move it to September 24th and 25th. There will be lots to work out as David stated….

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