Membership Information

While guests are welcome at any time, RC pilots who fly as a guest, or wish to become a member are required to present proof of current AMA membership.

Anyone interested can join the AMA online by visiting the AMA.

AMA Membership Enrollment Center

AMA Members, desiring a NEW RVRC’s Club membership application form, click the link below.  Please be advised there are different types of Memberships … [an uncommon type is the Associate, which is special type & restrictions apply … Associate membership is an elective class of membership established annually by the Board Of Director’s and offered on a case by case basis.  The primary example (but not limited to) is membership for the pilot who permanently lives more than 50 miles from the RVRC club field.  More information on all membership categories is available on the ABOUT RVRC page.

RVRC Application Form

Current Club Members, click the link below for our club renewal membership form.

RVRC Renewal Form

Current Club Members, click the link below for our club roster (updated monthly).

RVRC Current Roster

Current Club Members, click the link below for Green Hill Park yearly pass application.

Roanoke County Air Pass